Psy-Boutique (formerly Sundance Boutique) Festival was founded in 2010 by Bahar Canca and Judit Langer. It began as a friendly gathering at a favourite location. With only a few hundred people, we were all just friends and friends of friends but what a special festival it was.

The decision was made to run the festival once every two years, improving it whilst keeping it small and intimate. In 2012, we had a bigger and better sound system, A-list DJs such as Shane Gobi and Aphid Moon, and made a whole bunch of new friends.

For our third festival in 2014, we have changed our name to Psy-Boutique, found a new venue and developed a fresh vision. We’d like you to be able to arrive with just your backpack and we’ll provide the rest - accommodation with beds, clean toilets and showers. We view the DJs as part of our community and we invite them to stay for the entire festival and enjoy the lovely Turkish coastline with us. Our last magical location was Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi) which was a hidden gem, located on the Turkish coast, south of Fethiye. Reached by boat and surrounded by a steep gorge, the valley nestles between the dramatic walls of rock. It offers a private beach, with crystal clear aquamarine sea, whilst a short walk will take you to the beautiful waterfall, cascading down into the valley. The name comes from a flutter of endemic butterflies that make their home around the waterfalls on the canyon walls furthest from the sea.

Where are we heading next? Back to our roots! Sundance camp where you can float with turtles from the river into the sea, look up at the snowy hills while you wear your swimsuit on the beach and listen to the even more tasty line-up in 2016.

This is the festival you should start the season with and don't miss out as the next PsyBoutique won't be until 2018.

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